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>News >Second Lady of Ghana, H.E. Samira Bawumia set to be a headline speaker at the Africa Energy Technology Conference 2024.

Second Lady of Ghana, H.E. Samira Bawumia set to be a headline speaker at the Africa Energy Technology Conference 2024.

The Africa Energy Technology Centre (AETC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Ghana, is poised to host the Africa Energy Technology Conference from March 12th to 14th, 2024, at the Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra.

The conference, which is being hosted by the Africa Energy Technology Centre (AETC) in partnership with the Ministry of Energy, Ghana will feature a slew of energy experts, policymakers and key stakeholders within the energy sector.

Among the many distinguished speakers that will grace the occasion, the one name that stands out as the most representative advocate of clean energy solutions is Her Excellency Samira R. Bawumia. As an Ambassador for the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA), H.E. Samira Bawumia has emerged as a leading proponent for clean energy initiatives in Africa and an important stakeholder in ensuring a just energy transition for Africa. As a keynote speaker at the conference, her presence promises to inspire, educate, and light the path towards a more sustainable future for all.

The Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) is an international public-private partnership that aims to protect the environment and improve the lives of millions of people by promoting clean cooking solutions.

With her prominent role in the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA), Her Excellency Samira Bawumia has been at the forefront of efforts to promote clean energy solutions throughout Africa. She recognizes that access to clean and sustainable energy is essential for economic growth, poverty reduction, and environmental preservation.

Mrs. Bawumia has been actively engaged in raising awareness about the importance of renewable energy sources and the need to equitably transition away from traditional fossil fuels.

As one of the highlight speakers at the Africa Energy Technology Conference, Her Excellency Samira Bawumia will have the opportunity to address the pressing energy challenges facing the continent and the cogent steps that can be taken to ensure the smooth implementation of practical solutions.

Africa, with its vast renewable energy potential, has the capacity to become a global leader in clean energy production. However, barriers such as limited infrastructure, lack of financing, and insufficient technical expertise have stood in the way of the actualization of this vision. Mrs. Bawumia’s insights and experiences in the field will undoubtedly contribute to fruitful discussions on finding innovative solutions to these challenges.

Through her active involvement in promoting clean energy initiatives, Her Excellency Samira Bawumia serves as an inspiration for individuals, governments, and organizations striving for a greener and more sustainable future. Her leadership and advocacy efforts highlight the importance of collective action in addressing the energy and environmental crises.

By championing clean cookstoves and renewable energy solutions, Mrs. Bawumia aims to create a positive impact that goes beyond the conference, encouraging policymakers, industry leaders, and communities to embrace sustainable practices.

The Africa Energy Technology Conference is set to be an influential event that will shape the continent’s energy landscape by aggregating policies from both sides of the table as part of ensuring Africa is well-positioned for a seamless energy transition. Mrs. Bawumia’s presence will further amplify the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions in Africa and highlight Africa’s critical role in paving the way for a greener and more prosperous future for the continent.

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