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AET Conference

Africa Energy Technology Conference is Africa’s premiere energy technology driven exhibition and networking conference


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Thematic Areas & Topics

Conference Topics

  • Role of technological innovation, renewable and nonrenewable energy, and economic growth on environmental quality. Evidence from African countries.

  • ESG ratings and facilitation of green finance and Environmental Regulations in Financial Performance.

  • Harmonising a Regulatory Framework for Electricity Market Integration in Africa implementation, cost analysis of implementation, the governance structure and coordination for implementation of the Action Plan.

  • Energy Security within the Nexus of Risk, Resilience and Sustainability.

  • Carbon emission, trade openness, and foreign direct investment in Africa.

  • Is Africa’s call for an end to energy poverty by 2030 possible? The role of nuclear in the energy transition.

  • Hydrogen as an enabling catalyst in decarbonization in sectors like the aviation and cement sectors. What are critical success factor to make that a reality?

  • Accelerating energy investment for Africa.

  • Harnessing Technological Progress in Africa.

  • Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion.

  • Decarbonization

  • Digitalization and Automation
  • Resilience and Security

  • Regulatory Framework and Policy

  • Economic Impact

  • Climate Impact and Resilience

  • Offshore Operations

  • Exploration and Production

  • Upstream and Downstream Technologies

  • Environmental Sustainability and Emissions Reduction

  • Pipeline and Transportation Infrastructure

  • Health, Safety, and Risk Management

  • Energy Transition and Diversification

The conference will cover the entire global landscape of energy technology, but should throw more light on the following countries:

  • Ghana
  • Senegal
  • Nigeria 
  • Equatorial Guinea

Focus Areas

  • Investment and Partnership Opportunities or Platforms Within the Energy Sector.

  • Technology and Digital Innovation in the Energy Sector.

  • ESG and Sustainable investing.

  • Solar, Hydrogen, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Hydroelectric Power, Women in Energy, Youth in Energy, Wind.

Join Us at the 1st Africa Energy Technology Conference on 12th - 14th of March, 2024